Home Made Cakes

Small (Round, 23 cm diameter, 10 – 12 persons)
Medium (Round, 26 cm diameter, 15 – 20 persons)
Large (Square, 26×26 cm, 25 – 35 persons)
Bigger cakes available by request
“Napoleon” Cake
Deliciously light multi-layered  cake with custard cream
Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Soufflé Cake “Ptichye Moloko
Light souffle cake with a thin chocolate sponge base, topped with dark chocolate glaze
Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Mini “Ptichye Moloko” $4.0/ea(Min 10)

Sticky Date Cake

Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake Rich moist chocolate base with three shades of chocolate mousse  /dark, milk and white/ touched with Baileys Irish Cream makes an absolutely delicious dessert. A chocolate lovers dream come true! Small $55Medium $75Large $95

Chocolate Lava Cake

$3.50/ea(Min 10)

“Raffaello” Cake

Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher

“Ferrero Rocher” Cake

A cake with the flavors of Ferrero Rocher truffles combining hazelnut with milk chocolate and Nutella Buttercream filling.

Small $50Medium $70Large $90
“Honey” CakeMoist and soft layered cake with honey and whipped cream Small $45Medium $65Large $85
“Honey” Cake $4.0/ea
 «Prague » Cake “Prague” CakeСhocolate and vanilla sponge with special Prague cream covered in dark chocolate icing Small $50Medium $70Large $90
 Strawberry Chocolate Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Flourless “Kiev” CakeLayers of light and crispy meringue with hazelnuts and a chocolate butter cream filling. The cake has a very crunchy texture and rich creamy taste. Small $50Medium $70Large $90

(With cherry layering + $10)

Fluffy White Frosting Tartlets(Korzinochki)Jam filling $3.50/ea(Min 10)
“Black Forest ” Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
blueberry_cheescake 1sm Blueberry Cheesecake Small $45Medium $65Large $85
«Chak-Chak» “Chak-Chak”This crispy dessert is really tasty and consists of honey-drenched small pastry balls and walnuts Small $40Medium $60Large $80
Almond Chocolate Cake 1 Flourless Almond Chocolate Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Cottage Cheese Cake Cottage Cheese Cake $3.50/ea(Min 10)
Chocolate-Date-Walnut-Cake 1 sm Flourless Chocolate Date & Walnut Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Pear Almond Cake 1 Flourless Pear Almond Cake Small $45Medium $65Large $85
Cupcakes $3.0/ea(Min 10)
Almond Orange Cake.jpg 1small Flourless Almond Orange Cake Small $45Medium $65Large $85
Apple Cinnamon Cake Small $35Medium $55Large $75
Berry Cake Small $35Medium $55Large $75
rainbow cake sm Rainbow cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Curly cake
Curly Cake
(jam filling)
$3.0/ea(Min 10)
IMG_20141026_092257 small Flourless Chocolate, Cherries and Hazelnuts Meringue Cake Small $55Medium $75Large $95
karavay sm Wedding Karavay From $60
potato 1 “Potato” Chocolate Cake $3.50/ea(Min 10)
caramel apple cake sm Caramel Apple and Pistachio Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
vegan cake 1 Vegan Chocolate Cake with coconut cream caramel filling Small $50Medium $70Large $90
macaroons1sm Macaroons $2.50/ea(Min 15)
tort-baunti 1 “Bounty “ Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
 Bounty 1 “Bounty” Chocolate & Coconut Muffins $4.0/ea(Min 10)
nuts 1 Nut cookies (Oreshki)Creamy caramel fillingCreamy caramel & walnut filling
(Min 25)



4 a “Ladyfinger cake”This cake consists of pate a choux pastry dough, a delicious cream filling and fresh fruit. Small $55Medium $75Large $95
Sticky dates pudding Sticky Date Pudding $4.0/ea(Min 10)
red velvet 1  “Red Velvet” Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
chocolate_caramel_layer_cake_slice_1 Chocolate Caramel Cake Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Profiteroles Profiteroles $3.0/ea(Min 15)
“Jaffa” CakeCombo of chocolate, orange and sponge layers of this cake make a heavenly combination. Small $50Medium $70Large $90
Cream Horns Cream Horns $3.0/ea(Min 15)
Gluten and dairy free Chocolate Banana Muffins $3.50/ea
“Dobos” TorteHungarian sponge cake layered with chocolate buttercream and topped with lemony caramel cake wedges and hazelnuts. Small $45Medium $65Large $85
Gluten & dairy free nutty cookies (min 15) (teff flour, rice malt, maple syrup, nut butter)

* Extra cost for decorations

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